Diving into Berghain

by Amy Liptrot

Years ago, someone told me that the best way to get through a crowd at a nightclub or concert is to dance your way through. The bodies around you will have more sympathy for a dancer – they’ll shift and accommodate, flex and bend – than for someone simply pushing.

I remembered the advice this midsummer, at a techno club where not only were most other people intoxicated but also speaking German.

Illusive and Delusional by Fiona Duncan

Fallible flew above the wing. Midday direct: JFK to LAX. Leave at noon, fly for six, land round three. To Fallible’s left, two men streamed reality TV as she watched her only fathom-able in-flight entertainment, the sky. Once she too was so spoiled she’d forget. I’m flying, Jack! The wing outside was pigeon grey.

Mughal Selfies by Oscar Rickett

On the east side of Humayun’s tomb, a young European woman in leggings and a black sports t-shirt positions herself so that she is perfectly framed by the 16th century arch behind her. She fixes her hair, lies down on the ground and pushes up into the yoga pose commonly known as the Bridge.

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The train was to leave Berlin appallingly early. Having confused the German words for Saturday and Sunday in sleepy delirium, I missed the bus to the station. Sitting against a wall on the deserted street corner, my skin blooming with hives, I breathed deeply, clutching the fingers of my left hand in time with each round.

To Space and Back: Love and Lunacy in Ibiza

Ibiza is not a place you’re meant to feel mental. It’s a place of magic and glitter and shimmering skin. Deep house. Melodic techno. Hot sun. It’s July 2016 and I’m going with my girlfriends to celebrate our thirtieths. Years ago, we’d bonded over clubbing, doing most of our talking and laughing and crying on the dance floor.