2 stories by Steph Kretowicz .

Somewhere in Between Part 2. Blank Space

by Steph Kretowicz

Fucking Åmål is a movie about lesbians. It’s probably one of the only good ones, but it’s directed by a man and so is Blue is the Warmest Color, except that’s a bit shit and absolutely not the reason me and Emma are in a car driving 376 kilometres to a nowhere town in Sweden. We’re going to pay tribute to a signpost in our shared coming-of-age narratives, seven years and a whole hemisphere apart, but experienced pretty much in parallel, because Emma’s young and I’m a late bloomer.

Somewhere in Between, Part 1: Bad Boyfriend

“It was you,” Shay says slowly, but forcefully, her face lighting up as if she were a cartoon with a bulb above her head, but she’s not. She’s a real, human person sitting in front of me and name dropping a lot. One of the names she’s dropped is Jesse’s and she’s saying it’s hard to work with him and I say I know, in a way that implies I really, really know.